you need a ticket...

lighten up, loosen down
everyone needs that funky feeling
slop it up, drop it down
you need a ticket to take it to Sloptown.

Sloptown's on the groove gonna make you jump and jive and twist and move.
Sloptown's got the most gonna spread that funk all up and down the coast.
Sloptown's on a roll gotta have that funk and blues and a touch of soul.
Sloptown's on the streets with them hordes of swingin' bodies and stompin' feet.

Really wanna take you down, wanna take you down to Sloptown.

Don't be left behind, the party's kickin' everybody's singing down in...

If you need a ride, grab your ticket get your shakin' booty down to...

If you wanna get high, leave your worries everybody's lovin' down in Sloptown.


from What's that Buzzing Noise?, released May 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Dr. Slothclaw


-Dr. Slothclaw-
Adam Golihew
Brett Noel
Dylan Kreiger
Garry Slick
Josh Stoner


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